SAVVAIDIS & Associates | Rhodes – a Celebrity Hot Spot

The gorgeous Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo and his supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk are once again holidaying in Rhodes.  This is the second time the couple have visited the island since they started dating in 2010.
After arriving on Saturday afternoon, the couple headed down to a luxury hotel in Lindos.  Whilst on a trip out for lunch, Ronaldo who wore a hat to try and hide his face was still recognized by the crowds and the paparazzi.  His body guards were constantly by his side.
Rhodes is a popular choice as a holiday destination for celebrities.  Ronaldo can be seen enjoying the crystal clear water before the football season starts in earnest.
Attracted by the sun, sea and lifestyle on offer; the same reasons why so many decide to make Rhodes their chosen destination for a second home.
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SAVVAIDS & Associates | CNN Tribute to the Greek Islands

See you
America’s news channel CNN will pay tribute to the Greek islands on its website, allowing all visitors to the site to see, in depth, what the tourist industry in Greece has to offer.
Greece is more than just beaches and blue skies.  It is now firmly on the radar as a foodie destination with Rhodes offering many trendy eateries as well as the more traditional family run tavernas, that offer beautifully cooked, fresh food daily. © Clairy MoustafellouDrie bread with feta & olives
Wildlife here on Rhodes is abundant and there are many historical sites that are simply breathtaking.  An island as diverse as Rhodes can offer the visitor, and of course those who make the island their permanent home, a happy, healthy place to spend their days.
The editorial team of CNN Travel are to thank for this initiative, who have chosen to highlight within their presentation many island destinations, among them our sunshine isle of Rhodes.
The goal of the CNN team is to highlight the richness of the Greek islands.  Detailed information will be given on the most popular beaches, bars, restaurants, historical monuments and sights at each destination.
Users of the CNN site will be able to publish the articles on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, creating additional awareness and promotion of Greece and its islands.
Savvas Savvaidis of SAVVAIDIS & Associates welcomes the CNN presentation “I am always happy to see the wonderful richness and beauty of my country promoted in this way.  My particular home of Rhodes is an area of exceptional beauty to which many of its visitors have decided to make it a more permanent fixture in their lives by purchasing a second home on the island”.  To see a selection of properties available please follow the link
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SAVVAIDIS & Associates | Celebrity Chef in Rhodes

Skarmoutsos-Dimitris_02_305_409_250_3751The famous, award winning Chef, Dimitris Skarmoutsos has created a special menu for the brand new Ergon restaurant in the center of Rhodes town.  The Ergon philosophy is: Independent Greek Producers, Traditional Greek Deli and Contemporary Greek Cuisine.

As a pioneering and distinguished Greek chef, specialising in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and recently one of the judges on the TV cooking show “Master Chef”, Dimitris was perfect for Ergon’s goal to redefine traditional Greek recipes around the traditional “meze”. Dimitris is constantly pushing culinary boundaries without losing sight of the food’s origins and is the perfect choice of chef who embodies the new Greek cuisine.  Utilising Ergon products,  he has relaunched the typical Greek meze.969193_350447838415463_732057574_n

Savvaidis & Associates welcome the arrival of this new culinary venture and look forward to trying it out soon!

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SAVVAIDIS & Associates | Dreamliner arrives in Rhodes

The 787 Dreamliner is the most modern passenger aircraft in the world and Rhodes was proud to welcome it to the island on Saturday as a large crowd gathered to watch it land.
The interior of the aircraft has  been described as “seriously impressive”, with 30% bigger than average windows lining the plane, extra leg room and comfortable seats.  The aircraft has been designed as a “jet-lag buster” and is lighter and brighter than older planes.  The cabin is pressurised to a lower altitude aimed at reducing fatigue.  Customers will arrive at their destination a lot more relaxed and refreshed.  And what’s more this new modern aircraft is more fuel efficient than ever before, helping us all to reduce our carbon footprint and still visit the places we love.
Savvas Savvaidis of Savvaidis & Associates welcomed the news of these more comfortable and fuel efficient aircraft arriving in Rhodes.


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SAVVAIDIS & Associates | Happy Greeks

Greeks: second happiest people in Europe, says study.


Greeks appear to be the second happiest people on the European continent, according to research conducted by the non-profit, Hamburg-based, Foundation for Future Studies, Skai reported on Wednesday.

The organization’s data pointed to the Danes taking the lead in terms of happiness (95 percent), trailed by the Greeks (80 percent) and the Italians (79 percent). Germans were placed in the 11th position, with 61 percent. According to the foundation’s findings, the least happy Europeans were to be found in Russia, where only 37 percent of the population conveyed its joy.

One third of Europe’s population said that they led happy lives.

Here at Savvaidis & Associates we can definitely agree with the study – life on Rhodes is good!

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Daily Mirror Top Island Destinations

Rhodes in Top 10 Daily Mirror Greek Island holiday destinations

Lindos Rhodes Greece HD Wallpaper

A recent lifestyle report in the Daily Mirror had Rhodes in its top 10 holiday island destinations.  Rhodes, it said, claims the status of the sunniest place in Greece and is not an island just about superb beaches.  As one of the most imagescosmopolitan of the islands it has a fascinating history, with Rhodes Medieval Old Town and the hillside village of Lindos absolute must sees during a stay here.  Whether it’s peace and quiet, charm, history, beauty, sports, glitz or glamour that you’re looking for the Greek islands will not disappoint .  Savvas Savvaidis, Director of Savvaidis & Associates Real Estate Agency in Rhodes agrees with the Daily Mirror as the charm and beauty of the island has encouraged many of his international clients to buy their own piece of paradise.

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New Legislation in Greece | Savvaidis & Associates

New Legislation in Greece | Savvaidis & Associates

New Greek Legislation
New legislation in Greece | News brought to you by Savvaidis & Associates, Rhodes, Greece

The Ministries of Development, Finance and Internal Affairs are pushing through legislation to enable residency permits to be issued to foreign nationals who have purchased (or will purchase) property in Greece worth over 300,000 euros.

The permit will be multi-annual but will only apply for residency and does not give the right to work nor will it pave the way for obtaining citizenship.

According to the government, the current regulations act as a disincentive to Non-European citizens purchasing real estate in Greece because of the difficulties they have in staying or visiting their property on regular basis.

Sources state that the changes to the law were brought about to create a friendly environment for strategic and private investments and will be presented to Parliament in the coming days.

Spain takes similar action

At the same time the Spanish government plans to issue permits for foreign nationals purchasing property in Spain worth 160,000 euros in its efforts to relaunch its property market and to promote the hundreds of unsold homes.

As broadcast by CNBC, citing a publication by the New York Times, Spain’s Minister of Commerce, Jaime Garcia-Legaz said, during the announcement of the government’s proposal, that the target market is mostly Chinese and Russian investors who may be experiencing problems in purchasing property in Spain because they are not residents of the European Union.

Jaime Garcia Legaz pointed out that Spain is following in the footsteps of Ireland and Portugal, the two other eurozone economies experiencing difficulties, in trying to stimulate the housing market by relaxing the conditions for granting residence permits to foreign nationals.

‘This decrease in red tape for Non Europeans will enable easier access to holiday homes and longer stays, which will  undoubtedly lead to an increase in high-end buyers’. Says Savvas Savvaidis of  Savvaidis & Associates

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